After having whey powder do you get a bloated stomach, extra mucus in nose and throat and even flatulence. If you do, this is your body’s way of telling you that whey is not for you. The whole purpose of increasing dietary protein intake is contradicted if you cause gastrointestinal inflammation. Which means your ability to absorb any nutrition is severely reduced.

Recov Protein Concentrate is the perfect solution for anyone with difficulty digesting protein, or those looking to increase their daily protein intake with ease. By including Recov’s unique predigested blend of 20 amino acids in plasma form, you are guaranteed to make optimal use of your post-workout anabolic window, providing rapid absorption and uptake by the body, unparalleled by conventional protein sources.

By ensuring that your body is receiving all 20 amino acids, as essential building blocks for muscle growth, recovery and athletic performance, Recov Protein Concentrate re-enforces the importance of digested and absorbed proteins, rather than those consumed and ingested, but not absorbed effectively.

Supplementing with up to 6 tablets per day for a period of 2 weeks, and lowering to 4 tablets per day as part of your ongoing supplementation routine carries the benefits of increased energy, fat loss, muscle mass, immune function, healing, emotional stability and sexual function, with additional improvements to exercise tolerance, and memory!