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I started training myself in 1987 and fell in love with what resistance training could do for the mind and body.

To ensure dramatic change in any area of one’s life, whether it be business, relationship or a healthier better looking body. One needs to evaluate their current lifestyle and habits. Once a person can identify the things stopping them achieving greatness, these things can be adjusted and the necessary plan can be implemented.

I call this the 180 Lifestyle Plan.

For me to help you, I need to know where you are at right now and where you want to be in the future. I also use a pre screening form for you to fill out so I know you better and can answer the questions you seek to ask whilst taking into consideration your personal circumstances.

Daniel Delahunty

In our initial consult we explore topics like

Age – Knowledge of your age is useful in determining health risks, exercise intensity and duration, as well as for computing maximum heart rate and calorie expenditure.

Gender – This information is helpful for demographic reasons. Gender also is a consideration in determining health risks.

Nutritional Habits – This information informs me of what and how much food is consumed. Tracking ones daily calorie intake is an essential part of managing ones body.

Exercise/Occupational Habits – Knowing what type of daily activities you perform will assist me in determining total caloric intake, meal timing, exercise scheduling, and possible lifestyle change recommendations. Occupational stress may also be a consideration.

Sleeping Habits – Poor sleeping habits can reduce recovery effectiveness, lower Growth Hormone release, and can cause mental fatigue and inability to concentrate. Sleep is the body’s built-in recovery mechanism. A protein builds up in the cerebrospinal fluid during waking hours that can only be broken down during sleep. Moreover, sleeping abnormalities can usually be directly linked to stress and improper diet.

Water Intake – Not drinking enough water leaves you susceptible to dehydration during exercise. Drinking enough water can assist one’s metabolism and remove toxin’s from one’s body.

It’s All About You!

This is your opportunity in this free consult to ask any questions you have about Short and Long Term Goals and what’s possible based on your lifestyle and current fitness level.


Great! I would love to book in a session time that works for you and me.

Click on the link below that will take you directly to my calendar, just book in the time that works for you!

What Happens Next:

I will send you an email to confirm the consultation along with a couple of questions I will need you to answer before the call.  

Your Homework:

For you to get the most out of the call I would encourage you to write 5 or 6 questions down that you would like answers to in our consult.

What they say

"Have made such an impact in my life"

Thanks Dan Delahunty, you may have started out as my personal trainer but now I can truly say that you have made such an impact in my life I can call you my friend. Thank youfor pushing me when at times I wanted to give up, thank you for telling me how it is at times and not sugar coating the truth, thanks for believing in me and most importantly thanks for being a true friend. I look forward to continuing our journey for perfection together in not only body but also mind. It’s great to know that we will never reach our destination and our journey will bring challenges which will only make us stronger.

Remember perfection is a journey not a destination – one of the hardest decisions a person ever faces in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder. Dan you inspire me to try harder.

Saverio Motta

"Your support has been the best i could have ever wanted"

A huge thank you to Daniel Delahunty you are an amazing coach/trainer. My goal was to compete in figure competitions for my first time with a body that looked like i was a seasoned competitor, mission accomplished.

Your support has been the best i could have ever wanted

Annette Lachat


"Professional and very supportive with constant motivation"

I met Dan last year in September 2014 after hearing my boyfriend rave about him. I was already training and eating what I thought was clean. With his skills and knowledge Dan gave me a meal & supplement guide that I could follow, he also taught me how the quality and timing of nutrition was very important to us achieving our goals. In two months I had lost 7% in bodyfat, looked amazing and felt the best I have ever felt. Alongside his expertise in the field, Dan is friendly, professional and very supportive with constant motivation, its hard to fall off track. See this man to hit your personal fitness goals!!!

Mel Mendes

"Daniel Delahunty it’s all worth it"

Still got a lot more work to be done, but its all starting to pay off. Have started training properly with the most amazing personal trainer Daniel Delahunty 5 weeks ago weighing at 63kg, i am now 71kg, my journey has just begun. If anyone is interested in getting into shape go see Daniel Delahunty it’s all worth it.

Gaje Thomas

"Daniel has vast knowledge and experience in body transformations"

Daniel has been my PT since October 2014. In that time Daniel has assisted me to drop from 28% body fat to 14.1% body fat. Daniel has vast knowledge and experience in body transformations. By imparting his knowledge along with constant motivational support he has empowered me to manage my lifestyle and training like a professional athlete. My goal in the near future is to do a bodybuilding competition, from blimp to bodybuilder up on stage. I highly recommend Daniel and his PT services. If it is to be, its up to you – engage Daniel today.

Mario Babic

"I highly recommend Daniel Delahunty to help you reach your health & fitness goals"

Amazed with my results, I am so stoked. Started training with Daniel Delahunty 6 weeks ago and look forward to keep progressing in the near future. I never thought this would be possible at my age. I have never eaten so much in my life which scared me in the beginning. I have now put on muscle and weight on the scales but have lost bodyfat at the same time. I cant wait to train at the gym now.. I highly recommend Daniel Delahunty to help you reach your health & fitness goals.

Colin Masu

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